Our core values

Full Spectrum

Get the best results with our full spectrum extraction. 

We carefully preserves all the natural cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins and minerals from the hemp plant.

When you use our Kosher CBD oils, you will get the full benefit of the "entourage effect" which is the synergy of all the cannabinoids that work in conjunction with CBD for a superior effect. 

No toxicities

Nobody wants mold or lead in their CBD products.

Neither do we.

Clean land, safe growing practices and lab testing is some of the ways we make sure our products are safe to use.

Our farmers have been growing hemp for 40 years on land that is free from contaminant.

Hemp must be grown on clean agriculture land since it  is a phyoremediation plant. That means if there are nasty stuff in the ground, it will suck it up and end up in your CBD product.

Lab Tested

Want to know exactly what is inside our products?

Check out our lab reports for a full breakdown.

All of our products go through a full panel testing for potency, safety and purity.

Our hemp is grown by experts who test for mold and bacteria on each batch harvested.

We only manufacture in a FDA cGMP certified facility to ensure the highest quality and safety.

What is CBD and what is it good for?

Here’s the thing.

Due to FDA regulations we can’t make any claims about any supplements or outright say what it does.

I find this amusing, since pharmaceutical companies are allowed to make claims even if their products can be dangerous.

CBD is a cannabinoid that is extracted from the hemp plant.

CBD is not marijuana! It is a different compound and non psychoactive (doesn’t make you high).

What is CBD used for?

Here is where it gets tricky…..Remember I can’t make any claims.

CBD is mainly to help feel calmer. CBD may help with anxiety and nervousness in a complete natural way.

Most people that use CBD are young mothers with kids and young professionals but the truth is that anyone that has a hectic life is taking CBD to help them feel better throughout the day.

There is an entire different group that uses CBD to help with their pain. Since it may have powerful anti inflammatory properties that can help reduce pain.

What does it feel like to be on CBD?

Since we can’t say what it does (again because of the FDA), we asked a few of our customers to describe how it feels when CBD kicks in. Some customers asked to remain anonymous.

- Devorah. Z. “I feel much calmer and more relaxed. I feel normal but I have much less worries”

- Aliza. W. “ just happy, my mood changes and im less nervous”

- Anonymous “Like im not going to lose it!”

- Yitzchak. G. “I took the gummies and for 2 days I had no knee pain and I walked better”

- E. D. F. “It feels like a calm washes over me and I feel good mood. Sometimes I take it daily if its a hectic day and sometime it makes me calm for a couple of days and I just skip a day”

- Esti Markovich " It's like I have my life put together since I am much calmer, I can handle my kids better"

I hope this clarifies some things about CBD and you can find a lot of literature on it by doing a simple Google search and reading the amazing results people had with CBD.

If you are ready to hop on the CBD train and see the amazing things it can do for you, check out our Kosher CBD products, all from organic hemp grown with no pesticides or fungicides.

Does CBD need to be Kosher?

Hemp by itself is Kosher. CBD is extracted from hemp and during that process other ingredients are added, which require Kosher supervision.

CBD edibles use non-kosher ingredients such as gelatin (pork derived). Our Kosher CBD Gummies are pectin based and certified Kosher.

Learn more about the Kosher issues that arise from CBD here.

Avaqel Kosher certificates for Kosher CBD oils, Kosher CBD candies and Kosher CBD gummies.

How does CBD work?

Endocannabinoid System

CBD works via  your endocannabinoid system. The two main receptors in the endocannabinoid system are CB1 and CB2. CBD does not attach to these receptors directly and works by influencing the endocannabinoid to promote balance specifically, homeostasis in the body naturally.

A deficient endocannabinoid system can cause anxiety, issues with inflammation and pain regulation, issues with how your body responds to stress and more. 

Learn more about the endocannabinoid system here.

CBD from Hemp not Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are 2 different plants. Although similar in their molecular structure, CBD is completely different than THC.

All of our Kosher CBD products are derived from hemp and not marijuana.

CBD is non psychoactive and will not get you "high". CBD will help you relax and feel calm without the feeling of being impaired. 

All of our products are tested to ensure full legal compliance and contain less than 0.03% of THC.

About Us

My name is David Fridmann and I have years of experience in manufacturing and nutraceuticals.

My company started with the goal of helping close family and friends with a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. We researched the best strains of hemp to extract CBD and then we worked with a lab on the best way to extract CBD, while preserving all its nutrients. After a long journey, we were able to make the most potent and pure CBD oil that has helped many people. 

Our goal is to have the most effective Kosher CBD products on the market at an affordable price.

Not all CBD products are created equally, most of the products that are on the market are unsafe and don't contain the proper amount of CBD. We ensure that all of our hemp is grown organically on clean agriculture land and that no by products or any contaminants get into our CBD oil. All products are lab tested to ensure safety, purity and potency.

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