5 reasons why CBD is not working for you?

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As a CBD manufacturer, there is nothing more disheartening than hearing a customer say that CBD is not working for them. There are a few reasons why CBD might not be working for you but you need to understand that our bodies react differently from each other and we each have our own unique biological response. 

Like any supplements, trial and error is what works best. Pay attention to how you feel and implement some changes to see what works for you.

For most people, the standard dose of CBD on the first time will be noticeable. We compiled the top 5 reasons why you might not feel the CBD working.

1. Your dose is wrong

This is the most common reason. 

One of the things that drive me crazy about CBD is that one person might take 5mg and tell me it is way to strong and another will tell me they don't feel anything unless they bump it up to 80mg per dose.

For the record, I think most people do well in the 10mg to 25mg range.

Also, taking CBD for pain is not the same as for relaxation. For treating pain you will generally need higher doses.

2. It's working but you don't realize it

Another common issue with CBD.

Sometimes CBD can have a very subtle effect that you don't even notice until you look back and realize that you have been calmer than usual. Sometimes CBD delivers a knock out punch that makes you feel super relaxed and you feel downright lazy.

Again, most people have a middle ground effect but if you feel that it helps you but it is too little, just increase the dose until you find that sweet spot.

3. You are not taking CBD the right way

Yes, CBD can be confusing to take.

It's because your stomach acid and liver break down the CBD before it enters your blood stream. Taking CBD correctly will help you feel the effect noticeably. 

This is more common with the oils since it is important to leave the oil under the tongue so that it can enter your blood stream faster.

Taking CBD on empty stomach is also no good. Try taking it 20 minutes after eating.

4. Not using the right CBD products

There is a big difference between the oil and the edibles or the vape. Each get absorbed in the body in a different way and have different bio-availability.

Try experimenting with different CBD products to see what works best for you.

5. Bad quality CBD

It almost feels like CBD is snake oil.

The market is over saturated with CBD brands and CBD products. People are making ridiculous claims about what miracles CBD can do. 

There seems to be an abundance of low quality CBD that don't work. Worst of all, there are products that claim to have CBD but only really have trace amounts of CBD.

To get good CBD you need to have the right quality of hemp and to cultivate it properly. It needs to be extracted very carefully to preserve the CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Make sure to look for a company that posts it's lab reports and is transparent about their growing and extracting practices.

We don't toot our own horn often but we our very proud of safe CBD products. We grow our hemp organically and extract our CBD in a cGMP certified facility. 

Our products have lot codes for tracing purposes. Each batch gets lab tested to ensure potency and that no harmful contaminants are contained in our CBD products.

We are also one of the very few companies to take it a step further and get all of our CBD products Kosher Certified

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