Can you get addicted to CBD?

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A lot of time we try a new supplement or medicine and for the first couple it works great but then you start feeling that it's not working anymore and that you need to increase the dose.

This is more common with caffeine and pain medication.

So why does this happen?

Your body goes through a down regulation of receptors, without getting too scientific, it means that your receptors become less sensitive to this new medication or supplement. Over time, you need to keep increasing the dosage to get the same effect you had when you started.

Certain medication down regulate very fast which could lead to an overdose.

Does CBD down regulate in the body?

CBD does not bind directly with receptors and works by influencing the receptors it interacts with.

Because CBD doesn't bind with the receptors, it doesn't down regulate. This is an amazing component of CBD since you don't have to keep increasing your dosage to get the same pain relief or calmness.

It also means that CBD is not addictive since it can't bind to the receptors.

With our Kosher CBD, we found that many of our customers start taking less of it over time and skip days in between. Once CBD has done it's job of promoting homeostasis (balance in the body), you need less of it.

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