Does CBD really work?

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Short answer: yes and no. CBD can work great for certain applications and for other things it does nothing.

In 2020, there is no shortage of CBD products. The boom that CBD experienced is bringing along everybody and their grandma to open up a website and start selling CBD.

The issue is that there is no oversight on supplements in the US. That's right! As long as you don't make any direct claims, you can do anything with supplements.

It's the wild west out there.

The FDA does not regulate supplements which means there is no one checking the safety of the supplements you purchased. It could be under-dosed, it could be full of toxic chemicals and you wouldn't know it unless you get your product tested.

I am not going to go into any scientific data about if CBD works because we have our clients tell us that it helps them in certain applications, and it does it very well.

Unfortunately, people will claim outrageous things that CBD can do without anything to back it up.

No, CBD does not cure cancer or toenail fungus!

What does CBD work for best?

CBD works best as a relaxation supplement and for treating pain. 

What does CBD not work for?

Anything that has not been proven or backed up by an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence.

Its simple, don't believe all the claims that CBD can cure this or that. For now, until more research comes up, use CBD for nervousness, anxiety, pain and inflammation.

One last point, make sure you use the correct does of CBD and that your CBD products aren't contaminated.

We post all of our lab reports and only use organic hemp that is extracted in a cGMP certified facility. Checkout out our full line of Kosher CBD products

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