How can we find peace during this pandemic

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Life as we know it is changing.

Everything is opening up again but with no cure in sight or any way to eradicate this virus, it means we will have to adapt to some changes in our lifestyles.

Change tends to worry us and be stressful for our bodies.

The good thing is that not all changes have a bad outcome. In fact, there will be some good in this upcoming change. 

If I learnt one thing from this pandemic it’s that our lives are too hectic. We burden ourselves so much with distraction that it’s no wonder that we have a hard time accomplishing things or feeling peaceful.

Truthfully, some part of me found that the stay at home order forced me to relax since the days were simpler.

Don’t get me wrong, with little kids at home, we needed to to be constant entertainers.

Still, there is something calming about shutting it all down and knowing the world around you slowed down.

This gave me time to reflect and think about what is truly important in my life and what my real goals are.

With all the noise in the world in our daily grind, it’s way too easy to lose focus.

Normally as humans we tend to fear the unknown and therefore we don’t like changes. 

One of the things that is somewhat going to change is our social interaction and our social duty burdens.

We will have less distractions and more time to ourselves. And this is a good thing.

Why are we stressed? Because we are choked. We never have time, always running and feeling we have to keep doing something else.

You can choose this opportunity to reflect on your priorities. Ask yourself what are my true goals? What is my passion? Can I make time for myself each day?

I hope you are safe and healthy! 

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