How to cope with the anxiety caused by the Corona Virus?

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It can be very stressful dealing with a pandemic. Everything is closed, life changes so suddenly and people are acting different. This change is very difficult for our brains to adapt to and makes us on constant high alert, which leads to high amount of cortisol.

The constant worry can take a toll on your nervous system and I thought I would put together some suggestions that can help you during this challenging time.

6 Things You Can Do To Retain Sanity

1. Know who is in charge and meditate on that

It's easy to get lost in the panic and lose focus on the first of the 13 Rambam's principles that say every day. 

1) I believe with complete faith that the Creator, Blessed is His Name, creates and guides all creatures, and that He alone made, makes and will make everything.

This principle is so fundamental, that if internalized properly, it alone is enough to calm our fears. This virus didn't come by chance and was created by the same God that creates the air we breath that keeps us alive. Once one understands that this is not just a random event, but rather was intentionally done, we can process the pandemic like any other challenges in our lives.

2. Create a routine

A routine will give you a semblance of normalcy, especially with all the kids at home. Try to appreciate this time with your children and get involved with them with various activities.

Don't let the day just happen. Create a schedule for the entire day so that the flow of the day is not a random sequence. Make a play time, a clean up time, a shower time, laundry time, which activities will you be doing, an exercise time and cooking schedule.

Delegate! Teach everyone in your household what their responsibilities will be for that day and what you expect done at the end of the day.

3. Get some exercise

Exercise is not only good for your health and sanity, its also a great way to boosts your serotonin level (I.e makes you happier) and your immune system.

Make it fun and involve everyone for 30 minutes. You can choose to go for a walk outside if that is possible or blast some music in the house and get everyone moving.

4. Keep the pressure low 

The pressure inside of you might be building up and you won't realize it until it overwhelms you. Try to be conscious about how you feel throughout the day and consider taking mini breaks to do some breathing exercises. 

Don't push your feelings aside, confront them and take a few minutes of alone time to do something that will calm you down. 

Some suggestions might be to just lay down for five minutes to gather your thoughts or to listen to relaxing music.

5. Leave the phone and internet alone

Checking the news or Instagram every 2 minutes will only add to your anxiety. During this time try to limit how often you check your phone and go on the internet.

As humans we need and crave interaction with other humans. You can use Google Hangouts for free to create chats up to 10 people and you can schedule these live chats in your Google Calendar and send invites to your friends.

You can schedule study chats, general chats or set up a chat for your kids friends so that they feel less isolated.

6. Start using CBD daily

CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety and help feel calmer throughout the day. Take CBD in the morning and you will feel much calmer throughout the day. Remember, taking CBD daily helps you need it less and less. CBD doesn't down regulate in the body, which means the body doesn't desensitize to it. CBD is also not addicting since it doesn't bind to any receptors.

This is not a promotion for CBD but actual feedback that we have been hearing from our customers who have all of their kids home. We have been getting higher than normal amount of orders and will continue shipping products as long as there are shipping options.

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