Kosher CBD - Is CBD Kosher? Does CBD need a Kosher certification?

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One of the most common questions we get is does CBD need a Kosher Certification. If CBD is all natural, why would it need a Kosher certification.

This question is mainly aimed at pure CBD oil and not CBD Edibles. CBD edibles are complicated to manufacture and certainly need a certification since there are a host of other ingredients that go into making our Kosher CBD edibles. For example, the main culprit in CBD gummies is gelatin, which is not Kosher. Even gummies that are supposedly "vegan" contain other issues and animal by-products. 

On a side note, when we were starting to look into manufacturers to make our Kosher CBD Gummies  we were dumbfounded by the fact that many companies were purchasing regular kosher gummies and using a needle with CBD to inject each gummie. Besides the fact that this is not a safe practice, when you just inject CBD into a product, the shelf life of that CBD is mostly gone by the time a customer consumes them. Also, by just injecting it, the CBD loses its bio availability and it is very weak.

So why does CBD oil which is all natural, need a Kosher Certification? What makes our Kosher CBD products different?

This is what we found when doing our research;

  1. Sometimes they use Grape Seed ethanol during the extraction process.
  2. Dedicated CBD manufacturing plants are hard to find. Most companies manufacture other supplements of non-Kosher nature and process the CBD oil on those same lines.
  3. In some cases, other ingredients are added to the oil and to extend the shelf life of the products.

We have noticed that companies willing to accommodate the Kosher Certification process, tend to be of higher quality and on top of all the regulation process.

At, Avaqel we only work with top extractors and manufacturers that are GMP certified and have an in-house lab in order to do complete analysis on each batch produce. We work with top Kashrus agencies that are familiar with CBD processing.

All of our Kosher CBD products are certified Kosher. Our Kosher CBD oils and Kosher CBD gummies are certified by Rabbi Avrohom Litvin of Kosher Kentucky (an approved agency by the CRC). Our Kosher CBD Mints are certified by the Star K.

You can find our latest certifications here.

Try our amazing Kosher CBD products and feel the difference immediately!



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