Letting Go Of Control

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One of the things this pandemic is making clear, is that we have no control of the future. There are so many uncertainties, like will we find a cure? Will the economy rebound? How long will this last? What if another virus comes up? 

You get my drift. 

We have no idea what is coming next, yet in our day to day life we tend to believe we are 100% in control of our life and control of our life is always in our grasp. 

This is a fallacy. A fleeting belief that is more of a deception than a reality.

What I realized from this pandemic, is that we are truly not in control of our outcomes.

Why is it such a big deal to know that we are not in control?

Because we spend so much of our lives to concentrate our efforts to control everything and at one point it starts to suffocate us. When we feel that we lost control we get anxious, depressed and worst of all, we get angry.

Who do we get angry at? We direct this angst at ourselves for failing to control our situation.

Don't get me wrong, we are always fully in control of our actions and are definitely responsible for them. What we don't control is the outcomes.

Let me explain. Having a business doesn't mean you will be rich. Eating healthy doesn't guarantee life. Hiding doesn't mean you won't be found.

This pandemic makes it clear to all of us, that a bug that is invisible to the naked eye can stop the world in its tracks. This bug can bring the worlds most powerful armies to its knees. All the nuclear power in the world can't stop this bug.

If we are not in control of any outcome, should I live in fear?

No! the fact that we don't dictate any outcome should not affect how we live. In fact, coming to the realization that we do not control anything, is a relief from the burden we carry everyday. 

When you let go, because you realize that no mater what you do you has no bearing on the future outcome, you get a sense of freedom and you start living your life with less restrain.

When you let go, you won't be anxious all the time or be worried constantly about the future.

Stay safe!


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