Shady practices of the CBD industry

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When we started this company, it was important for us to work with manufacturers that had experience in growing and cultivating hemp but most importantly, to know how to extract CBD in the most effective way.

During our research process we met many manufacturers and saw some of the most shady practices involved. 

You see, CBD became extremely popular and business is booming. Naturally this attracts the want-to-get-rich-quick scammers. Today, everyone and their grandma has a CBD company and it's become harder to weed the junk from the good.

Here are some of the shadiest practices that we saw.

1. Making CBD by hand in an unregulated facility.

This by far is the most common issue we see. Many companies are buying bulk CBD and incorporating it into any product they can find. There is no oversight, no lab testing and certainly these aren't gmp certified. Because they manufacture by hand, it is very easy to cross contaminate products.

It's one thing if this would be done in creams or cosmetics but this is being done in edible products. Why would you ingest something that is not tested and contains unknown ingredient and is probably contaminated?

2. Sprayed CBD gummies.

Many of the cute CBD gummies like bears, sour worms ect. are just spayed on with CBD. It is impossible to control the dosage of CBD on each gummy using this method. This method also involves a lot of manual and hand labor, which is the leading cause of cross contamination.

From our perspective, there has been no studies done to see if spayed on gummies are effective and if the CBD degrades over time.

Moral of the story, always go with infused gummies.

3. CBD from China.

Don't be shocked! Many cheap CBD products are either made in China or using CBD in China.

Nuff said....

4. Under dosed products.

Many of these small facilities don't have an in-house lab or a formulator. Much of what they formulate is pure guess work and lacks consistency.

In our facilities, after each batch we take a sample and test it to see if the dosage is accurate and that no contaminants are found in the final product.

We are starting to see class action lawsuits against some of the most popular brands for under dosing products. 

Make sure that you buy CBD from a reputable company that manufactures their products in a gmp certified facility, made in the USA and has lab reports on their products, 


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