We Are Our Own Source Of Stress

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We are in a generation that is blessed with psychical abundance, yet we are poorer than any generations in terms of inner fulfillment.

We have a big empty space that resides in our hearts. We try what we are told to do, yet it brings us no closer to happiness than before.

Why are we all anxious? Why are we all stressed? Why do we feel empty inside?

We seem to chase life aimlessly like a donkey with a carrot dangled on front of it. We never seem to catch the carrot.

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?" -Hillel

This ancient wisdom was written thousands of years ago, what does it mean and how is it relevant today?

A simple explanation would be that if you do not fight for yourself, then who will. All of our internal struggles stem from an inner self conflict and not because of external conflicts. Although external conflicts influence us, ultimately we are always in the driver's seat and choose to what degree we should be influenced by external matters and how should they affect us.

The most crucial step to self-love and self-growth is to fight for yourself, because no one will fight for you. You need to be the captain of your ship and choose who goes on board. You choose the part of yourself that needs to be prioritized.

Most people make their decision based on the influence of others while never giving an ear to their own thoughts. In order to understand what needs to be cured you need to be in tune with what your body and thoughts are telling you.

"If not now, when?" This means that in order to realize the part of fighting for yourself, you need to act now and don't delay any action necessary to help yourself achieve your goals.

Sometimes the very thing that can give us the most satisfaction - the key unlocking the doorway to our selves - is the very thing we deny most. It is the door we most fear opening. So we keep the key far out of sight to prevent it from reminding us that there's even a door to be unlocked. We design our lives and busy ourselves from dawn to dusk with activities that rob us of the time to soberly take up the meaning of life and what we need to do to make it truly meaningful.

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