Why did I start this company?

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Before I explain why I started this company, I would like to create the background of who I am.

My whole life I have been trying to hack the body. I always struggled with different  health issues and I have been fascinated by medicine and supplements. The idea that I can somewhat control my health in various ways inspired me to get a better understanding of the body and research how different herbs and supplements interact with the body.

All we do today is go to a doctor after we get the symptoms and never figure out a preventative course of action for our health. Traditional medicine just treats the symptoms but does not necessarily get down to to cause of our symptoms.

It is up to us to be familiar with our bodies and familiar with our health so that we can anticipate what is around the corner.

I spent many years studying the body and various non-traditional medicines such as Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine. I also tried different prescription medicines to tackle various issues. 

The most important thing to understand is that it is crucial to be familiar with your health and be proactive about it.

When CBD came out I was skeptical about all the anecdotal evidence regarding what it can cure. I did my research on it and found out that many of the supposed "evidence" came from company's that were promoting a sub-par product.

I tried CBD from various company's but I never felt much going on until I started working with a grower in Kentucky that has been growing hemp for generations. These guys understood the hemp plant, more importantly they knew exactly how to extract the CBD so that it is effective and potent after the extraction.

When I tried that CBD, the world changed and I felt immediately a difference. That's when I understood that CBD oil is not just an oil, but it is something much more than that when carefully extracted from the hemp plant.

Before launching the company, I wanted to be fully convinced that it didn't just work on me but it worked on other people too. I sent it out to close friends and family that either had chronic pain or had sever anxiety.

What happen next blew my mind.

One person that hated being on Xanax felt calmer on the CBD. The mother with debilitating anxiety was able to be a normal mother again with CBD. The person with chronic joint pain was able to move again. 

This became my inspiration that I was onto something and this wasn't an ordinary CBD oil but something superior that can help many people in areas where traditional medicine has failed them in the past.

It is my hope that it helps you too.

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