Why Sharing your Journey With Others Can Help You Take Back Your Anxiety

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When we give, we grow. And giving can take many forms, like sharing our experiences — especially with those who need guidance or a sense of belonging.

So much anxiety comes from fear of the unknown or of being alone. When we share our knowledge, we build trust and community. We create a group of like-minded people around us who can guide us on our journeys and give us a sense that we’re being accompanied. Also, others in your midst might see things that you don’t and offer some good advice.

When we share, we feel better about ourselves because we self-reflect and are encouraged to trust others. We feel more confident when we help others, and we feel grounded when we receive guidance that we really need. This makes us happy and evokes positive self-talk, which, as you know, has been proven to help us take ownership of our anxiety.

I’ve tried to turn sharing into a regular habit. I’m always amazed and grateful when others do the same for me. During tax season, my father, who is normally very calm, goes into high gear. But even so, I’ve seen him turn it all off and share with me a life story that quickly relaxes both of us. I’ve watched my mother, during her bout with cancer, go from worried to chilled out and in control just by sharing lessons she’s learned from her ordeal. And I’ve watched myself go from a state of anxiety to a state of centered calm by sharing my truth.

Who might you be able to share with? Perhaps you have a friend who would truly benefit from your story. I bet you that there’s a local community group that would deeply appreciate it.

Sharing isn’t just verbal, either. Maybe you have it in you to share more of your story, authentically and vulnerably, at same time judiciously, with your social media network — care to give that a shot? Another thing you may consider is simply writing more. Try it! You may have an uplifting release just by writing. By doing that you’re in essence sharing with the Universe, even if nobody else sees it.

Crazy, right? But it’s possible. Anything is possible.

To give is to get. When we give, we often get in return more than we ever imagined possible. –Julian Brass

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