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How To Take CBD

How To Take CBD Oil

  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Pump the dropper a couple of time
  3. Draw a full dropper (1ml) 
  4. Put the oil under the tongue
  5. Leave there for 60 - 90 seconds and then swallow

For the 250mg, we recommend starting with 2 full droppers once a day. For the 750mg and 2400mg we recommend 1 full dropper a day.

It is best to take CBD on an empty stomach or 10 minutes after eating. After swallowing, you can eat or drink anything. For sample bottles follow the same steps and use 3 and half dropper full.

How to use the CBD vape

  1. Screw on cartridge to battery
  2. Click 5 times to turn on (light will flash to indicate it is on)
  3. Press and hold for 2 seconds to pre-heat the CBD oil
  4. Vape
  5. Click 5 times to shut off

Start by taking 2-3 puffs. You can use it anytime throughout the day as needed to top off. The effects of the CBD Vape are felt within 10 minutes and work faster than the oil. When the device is on, you can adjust the voltage to suit your needs. Click 3 times to adjust the voltage. Green is 2.8v Blue is 3.4v Red is 4.0v. For the best experience we recommend to vape at 4.0v.

How To Use The CBD Cream

Rub cream on affected area and re-use as needed